Special Reports for Institutional Investors

Our special reports library is a premium collection of  eBooks, webinar archives and exclusive research reports. All content is produced specifically for institutional investors who need critical information on emerging market opportunities to retain their competitive edge in the field.

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White Paper: Big Data In Capital Markets

Big Data in Capital Markets: At the Start of the Journey, commissioned by Thomson Reuters and produced by Aite Group, explores the development of big data strategies and technologies across the buy-side and sell-side capital markets communities. The majority of firms active in the capital markets do not have a big data strategy in place […]

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News In Charts: “I come to praise forward guidance, not to bury it”

This research note is provided by Fathom Consulting. All of the charts below and many many more, covering a range of topics and countries on both the macroeconomy and financial markets are available in the Chartbook to Datastream users at www.datastream.com. Alternatively you can access Fathom’s Chartbook at www.fathom-consulting.com/TR. It has been an important week […]

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Investors Should Be Concerned About China’s Falling Rate Of Profit

As a growing economic power, China represents new opportunities – and possible pitfalls – for investors. Recent news has focused on the Middle Kingdom’s slowing rate of GDP growth, however one analytic approach shows that investors should be looking at another indicator. A neo-Wicksellian analysis of the Chinese economy highlights that China is not experiencing […]

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Janet Yellen testifies at her U.S. Senate Banking Committee confirmation hearing in Washington

Choosing Funds In The Yellen Era, Using Inflation Scenarios

If Janet Yellen is confirmed to lead the Fed, risk managers and strategists will have to consider the possibility of inflation. Her “optimal control” models place greater emphasis on unemployment and less emphasis on controlling inflation. Inflation, once started, can be very difficult to control. It can come in two varieties: an inflationary boom, which […]

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A man passes a screen showing the activity of the FTSE index at Canary Wharf financial district in London

Re-Designing ‘Passive’ Funds Could Make Passive The New Active

Passive investing in market index funds has been labelled a “parasitic” business. However, re-designing index investing rules to account for corporate moves such as mergers and acquisitions could make passive the new active. This year’s Nobel Prize in Economics was a good one for the passive investment model. One of the winners, Eugene Fama, was […]

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