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Thomson Reuters provides trusted and innovative indices and index-related services to the investment community to support the investment decision making process. Whether you require indices for benchmarking or for the development of investment vehicles, Thomson Reuters provides a range of indices and index solutions to satisfy your needs. Clients can view the indices on Thomson Reuters’ desktop products, purchase subscriptions via feeds and APIs, and license the indices to be tracked by investment vehicles.

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Global Equity Indices: Country, Region, and Sector Indices covering 51 countries and 29 regions that can be used as representative benchmarks or as a base for custom index strategies.

Fixed Income Indices: Thomson Reuters produces a number of fixed income indices including Canadian Fixed Income Indices, Sovereign Debt Indices, CDS Indices and Sukuk Indices.

Commodity Indices: The Thomson Reuters family of commodity indices represents specific subsets of commodities. These are among our most popular and most tracked indices, including the Thomson Reuters /Jefferies CRB Index and the Thomson Reuters Equal Weight CCI Index

Venture Capital Indices: These indices reflect the performance of US venture capital industry based on company level valuations. The Thomson Reuters offering complements the index industry’s efforts to provide performance benchmarks for the venture capital funded universe by offering the first investable venture capital index.

Islamic Indices: Shariah and AAOIFI compliant indices for countries, regions and sectors.

Real Estate Indices: Global suite of indices tracking global property markets, offering varying levels of liquidity and designed in collaboration with Global Property Research (GPR) and Asia Pacific Real Estate Association (APREA).

Corporate Responsibility Indices: Track the performance of companies with superior ratings for environmental, social and governance practices.

Economic Indicators: Use market insights from the commercial credit industry to better understand economic performance.

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